Advanced Collision Avoidance Program

The Advanced Collision Avoidance Program utilizes the Collisionfree! approach to driving and is designed for fleet drivers looking to reduce collisions, decrease insurance costs and enhance driver skills. This course consists of 4.5 theory hours and 3 in-vehicle hours. The comprehensive package includes an initial evaluation conducted by a certified in vehicle instructor to gain insights and tailor the lesson to focus on individual needs. You will receive feedback throughout the program, and upon successful completion, a certificate will be provided.

Theory (in-class) will cover:

  • Highway and freeway driving
  • Entrances/exits
  • Shoulder recovery
  • Rear crash avoidance
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Avoidance swerve
  • Emergency braking


Each one-on-one in-vehicle session is designed with the needs of the corporation in mind. The skills taught are those most applicable to those who drive for business. Our expert knowledge of each area allows us to provide real-time training and feedback. In vehicle session will consist of:

  • YD driver competency evaluation
  • Skills analysis
  • Corrective feedback
  • Revisiting skills guidance
  • Final YD competency evaluation
  • Feedback